Where did we come from?

Where did we come from?

Here, at the Upper Gate fountain, you are invited to take a sip of the water to celebrate your arrival 

The tour we are about to take will take us back through time, to Lichtensteig`s historical buildings, and the people who lived and worked here.

Lichtensteig has had to fight to survive over the last years, people leaving, empty buildings etc. which reduced the income from tax revenue leading to stagnation. Luckily, Lichtensteigers have such a spirit of producing innovating ideas and projects that we are proud to present and explain 8 of these projects out of 30 in process at this time. The creativity, the careful handling of these projects have become known countrywide and are the reasons for Lichtensteig having been awarded the prestigious Wakker prize for 2023.

So, grab yourself a brochure and lets start the tour.

The younger members who are either here with parents or with school classes on this tour please take the children's tour to take the journey of discovery of our „Städtli“.

If your journey of discovery ends here, we would be grateful if you could take a moment to write a few words on your experiences today in the Guestbook. Thank you.