Live with the flow

Live with the flow – Marketing of ideas.

In the past where the Upper gate stood and today by this fountain is where people, ideas, traffic and merchandise came and comes together. Lichtensteig became famous for its flourishing market.

In the past the Lichtensteig textile industry employed some 1,000 people, money was in abundance, here the UBS bank had its beginnings. 2,200 proud inhabitants lived here with over 30 Restaurants and bars in the town. What crazy ideas were discussed and exchanged in these establishments and perhaps quickly put into practice remains speculation?

The round table is an old tradition with us, very much alive today. The round table in the LOKAL is where the Makers have their „round table with method“, getting to know each other, actively participating in developing ideas into reality. Developing and doing is the key. What are we lacking? What are our wishes? By the way, the round table is open to all, if you are interested please come and join us.