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Green Meeting Places

Lichtensteig and its living areas lays embedded in an area of hilly countryside, farmland and forests with the river Thur flowing below. The surrounding countryside is a huge plus for the quality of life in Lichtensteig.

Have you noticed the flood lights? They are from the time that the grassy Flooz area was a football field. With the help of many volunteers we now have a new meeting place here with play area with grill and fireplaces. In nice weather, people come here to bathe and to grill, the Volleyball court is well used and of course it is a place to get to know each other. The area has been designed to provide a safe playing area for people but also for animals and insects to find food and places to live. The vines planted on the steep slope are looked after by the Wine Co-operative and the Council.

These are the successful outcome of the Future Conference 2013

Photo: The River Thur wends its way through the valley In the past when it flooded its banks, as shown,  is probably why Lichtensteig is mainly built above the flood level.