A time window

Explosive force for a new church

Do you see the many layered, cornered box like constructions of the church tower which optically blend with the steep slope in the foreground? The Saint Gallus catholic church is considered to be a very significant example of un-rendered concrete used in the building of Swiss churches of the 1960`s.  Walter Maria Forderer the architect, wrote „ My buildings are built to blend into the topography in agreement with the wishes of the client. The overall design should be harmonic when viewed from all sides“

A Neo-Gothic church constructed in 1868 stood here till 1967, serving both the Catholic and Reformed population. Due to population growth it was decided to demolish this church and to replace it with two new churches, one for Catholic worshippers on the demolished site and one for the Reformed worshippers on Loretto street.

Photo. 1. Below the church is a parking garage from where a lift operates to transport worshippers and visitors up and down from the church. Economic growth with increased individual traffic has had a very decisive influence of the town's structure.

Photo.2. The area of worship has a very special form with pleasant lighting. The atmosphere in this room has been determined by the wood and concrete used in its construction.