07 Stadtufer

New life in the old Spinnery.

The very first mechanical Spinnery in Toggenburg was established on the bank of the River Thur here. The main building was built in 1819 and today is a protected culture object. In its heyday 320 people worked here. 

The owners, Fein-Elast Graber AG closed the factory in Lichtensteig in 2017.

There were discussions and ideas of turning the buildings into a cannabis factory or the sale to foreign investors with all the possible uncertainties for its future.

The council and the St. Gallen state authorities gave their support for a sustainable participative solution. The Stadtufer co-operative was established. They have developed a sustainable solution for the ca. 8,000 square meters into a place where togetherness, sustainability and creativity can live.

The possibility of establishing new living and working space in this rural environment is rare. Lichtensteig actively encourages measures like this which increase the population and the provision of new work workplaces.