06 Grünstadt Lichtensteig

Lichtensteig should flower!

How can we make the green areas in our town more attractive for people and animals?

This question was raised at the Future conference in 2013.

A working group „Flowering Lichtensteig“ was formed to increase biodiversity. This hard working group of volunteers made flower beds and maintained them. A part of the work was institutionalised and is now looked after by the Green Town experts hand in hand with our council workers. Volunteers also help on various Open Days.

It is not only focusing on bio diversity, as the ecological aspect and the educational education it provides are a very important aspect for the Council and administration.

Which plants can be eaten? How can we provide structures which are havens for plants, animals and insects?

Which plants have medical functions? Grassy areas have become meeting and learning places.  Lichtensteig at the present is on its way to becoming a „Green Town Switzerland”. In 2021 the council was awarded the “Binding innovation prize” for biodiversity.