05 Jazztage Lichtensteig

A Vision of Music

A small group of friends had the idea of arranging a high class music festival to be held in the town. In the beginning, the idea was not met with too much excitement by some inhabitants! It is difficult to believe today that there was any resistance at all. The annual Jazz Weekend has been held since 1989 and is an example what can happen when people get together to make a dream reality.

Here on this Wall of Fame at the Calf Market are the names of some of the greats who have appeared here in Lichtensteig. The Calf Market Hall today is a flexible and well used centre. The remodelling of the hall was financed by the various clubs of Lichtensteig who threw a street party, the revenue going towards the work.

The annual Jazz festival brings new people to the town, the streets and alleys being packed with people. We are proud that the festival strengthens the urban qualities of Lichtensteig within the surrounding rural countryside. Everyone attending experiences the unique “Stadtli” spirit.