04 Rathaus für Kultur

The Invigorating power of Culture

Management of  files, information given to citizens, dealing with tax forms, these were some of the tasks carried out previously in the Rathouse/Town Hall. This is a protected listed building, which is not barrier free and renovations which would have been necessary to make it so, were out of the question from the preservation of monuments requirements plus the costs that would have been entailed. The council moved into the empty ex UBS bank building opposite, a move which saved 4 million Francs which the renovation of the old Town Hall would have cost.

The young team who have taken over the old Rathouse/Town Hall remembers: we had the vision of establishing an „Artists in Residence“ in one of the empty residential buildings in town. They presented the idea to the Council who then very quickly suggested that they could use the empty Town Hall for this.

The culture and young people were welcomed with open arms in Lichtensteig. Making this vision possible, Lichtensteig welcomed creative heads to the town who in turn, have made Lichtensteig more attractive to new people moving to live here.

Culture, being flexible has the power of revival, also being appropriate for the building.