03 ChääsWelt

Where Innovation and Tradition meet.

The old Hotel Krone was destroyed by fire in 1973, the building was rebuilt to much of the former style. The inner core was rebuilt to the requirements of an educational facility. The building was rented by Migros Club School  which began taking students in 1975. In recent times, due to  lack of students and revenue, the school closed in 2022. The building will now become a future orientated venture.

The Cheese World, also a participative Project, will use part of the building as a culinary centre from 2023. The local power of regional producers will be harnessed and displayed to provide visitors with a range of the diverse culinary items produced in the Toggenburg. A pop up restaurant with store, workshops, adventure world with escape games will gradually be introduced later into various rooms.

The Cheese World will showcase the trend of regional handmade culinary specialities and also remind us of Lichtensteigs history as a market town.