02 Macherzentrum

From the analogue Post to digital communication.

The building which today is the Innovation Centre has seen some very eventful times.

Previous to 1916, the year that the Post moved in, it had been the „Rössli“ guest-house.

Entering the building, you will probably sense some of the atmosphere of the old Post. The counters, the locked post boxes and the roll down doors are still in place.

When The Swiss Post closed the Lichtensteig Post Office, the question arose of how to make use of the empty building? Through a participative process, interested Lichtensteigers and others came up with the idea of turning the building into an Innovation Centre with Co-working spaces. The Innovation Centre thus became the very first Co-Working office in rural Switzerland.

The idea of the Innovation Centre brought founder members, digital nomads along with Toggenburger Innovators for the start up. Innovator meetings have become recurring events where inspiring people are invited to give talks which lead to discussions, this has led to exchange of innovative power and knowledge.