01 Zeitgut

Time - our precious gift.

Here we look to the church tower of St. Gallus and the Jost Bürgi memorial. Jost Bürge was born here in Lichtensteig in 1552, he was the inventor of the differential calculus showing seconds What would Jost Bürgi have thought of the idea of a Time Credit account?

The theme of Urban development is often taken to mean changing existing structures – however social structure and people relationship are very important.

Nowhere will you see a sign  „Time Credit“ Toggenburg but the initiative is working everywhere in this area.

 People are brought together by coordinators, whereby people support each other in tandem which is an updated structuring of the old neighbourhood help, practical  and valuable for all. This voluntary help initiative has broadened to cover so many different aspects of daily life. Those that are able to give up some of their own time can help others who maybe require assistance with everyday chores, for example, by shopping. It is a Win Win situation for all.

ZeitGut Toggenburg



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